Would anyone in the Treasure Valley do this? It was something that started out of curiosity and has unexpectedly grown to an event larger than I thought. You are invited to be part of this movement where Idaho women (and men) ink a permanent powerful statement on their bodies. 

Why is this quote even a thing?

The back story via Time.com:

During Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing for Attorney General, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell silenced Senator Elizabeth Warren after she read part of a letter written by civil rights leader Coretta Scott King, on the grounds that she had violated a seldom-invoked Senate rule called "Rule 19." The rule prohibits senators from impugning one another. She is not allowed to speak for the rest of the debate over Sessions' nomination.

"She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted," McConnell said. With that line, the internet lit up.

How have you persisted?

Last month, a female-owned tattoo shop in Minneapolis inked the message "Nevertheless, she persisted" on over 100 people at an event that people heard about accidentally. It was huge and $4,000 was raised for charity.

The message isn't just about one person - It's about women speaking up, it's about empowerment, it's about your own persistence. It's about what you want it to be.

I couldn't help but wonder if we could do this in Boise. I know we all have something to say. We all want to be valued. Could I find a female tattoo artist to help lead the charge?

It's happening. You're invited.


Persisted Event

Click on the event to be led to the Facebook event so you can RSVP. All details including what time to start showing up to get in line and how many people will get tattoos on that day are in the event description.

Eryka, owner of Erykane Art (and rad female tattoo artist) is charging only $50 per tattoo donating half to the Women's and Children's Alliance.  She has been wanting to make a difference through art empowering women and individuals who want to be heard all around the Treasure Valley. Together, we've teamed up to create this event hoping you'll be part of it, too.

she persisted candle

If you're not about that real tattoo life but still want to do something, there's an opportunity for everyone. The event is all ages where you can get a temporary tattoo, share the message on your nails (money also donated to the WCA) or speak up with the message in your home with a Lit & Co "She Persisted" candle (available at the event on Saturday).

No matter what your message is or what comes to mind when you tell your "I persisted" story, stand strong knowing that you weren't silent.

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