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West Nile Virus Moves Into Kuna - Check the Map
I just read this quote and it caught my attention, "West Nile is here to stay in Idaho." They just found more cases in Boise and one in Kuna. Check the mosquito map for exact locations and some ways to "fight the bite."
Day 6 Photos
Michelle and Mateo had a dance-off, CYCLEBAR came back and kicked everyone's butt on the bike, and more. Check it all out below
How to Report Child Abuse and Keep Kids Safe
Tell someone. Speak up. That's what they say. It's easier said than done. When you're in that situation, it's not as simple. What if the person abusing finds out? Things could (and likely do) get worse. There is a way for anyone to report child abuse and keep the child safe.
Day 5 - Photos
April 26th is Denim Day and the Women's and Children's Alliance spent a rainy day with us out at the Village. The rain wasn't going to stop us from cycling to break the cycle, nor was it going to stop the Treasure Valley's finest. Boise Police Chief Bones and Ada Country She…
Day 4 Photos
We're about halfway through Year 10 of Live for 175 & nothing has stopped us from cycling to break the cycle of child abuse. Check out photos from Day 4 below & be sure to post yours on Instagram and Twitter using hashtag #LiveFor175. 
Live For 175 Day 3 Photos
Day 3 was one of the most emotional days we've had in the history of Live for 175. We rode for one of our own who we lost this last year. Day 3 was about being together, having fun, and remembering why we cycle to break the cycle of child abuse...
Live for 175 Live Stream
Watch. Listen. Experience. Follow along as we power through 175 hours of cycling to break the cycle of child abuse. It's the 10th year of Live for 175 - you never know what will happen.
Take the Pledge
Help us spread the message that It Shouldn't Hurt to Be a Child. Have you taken the pledge yet?
Download the "Not in Our House" sign here, print it out, write in your name, and post it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #LiveFor175.

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