The last time we saw Aaron Paul in Boise was for the Boise premiere of El Camino. He was running around town having fun with fans as he gave away tickets to the premiere at the Egyptian Theater. When he arrived at the Egyptian he greeted fans and handed out tickets to ones that were dressed up in costumes and then played trivia with other ticket winners. Aaron is a class act and Boise loves their hometown boy. Boise and the entire country gets to see Aaron once again this Sunday on HBO as he returns for the Season 3 of The West World. The premiere episode airs at 9/8c. In order to get you ready for season 3 here is a short summary of how season 2 ended from

West World Season 2 ended with  

Charlotte/Dolores goes to Arnold’s house, which was seemingly finished by Ford after Arnold’s death, who outfitted it with a host-building station as a “safe house” of sorts should his plan to free Dolores and the others succeed. Charlotte/Dolores re-built her Dolores body and also re-built Bernard, implanting the new Jeffery Wright-looking host body with Bernard’s pearl. The big question in this scene is what, exactly, is inside the Charlotte/Dolores host’s head. Does it include simply an older “save file” of Dolores’ consciousness, or is it housing a different host? Maeve maybe?

But Dolores, now on the mainland, confronts the newly built Bernard and has an intense conversation that seems to set up Westworld Season 3. She explains that A.I.-kind needs both her and Bernard in order to have a fighting chance of attaining freedom. Dolores—who prepared for this fight by reading plenty of human code inside The Forge’s library—will use her violent means to make her moves, and she acknowledges Bernard will try to stop her from “trying to kill all of them.” Thus, diametrically opposed foes who will no doubt serve as our primary foils in the seasons to come. Dolores leaves with Charlotte/Dolores in tow, as Bernard puts on his clothes and finally exits “the door” to the real world. Roll credits.


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