If you've ever been downtown on a Friday or Saturday night, you know just how busy and chaotic the streets and sidewalks can get. Fast forward to AFTER the bars close and you're looking at even more foot traffic. Hundreds if not thousands of bar goers scrambling to get into an Uber, Lyft, or let's be honest, rushing to get some food into THEM.

After seeing how many great food cart options there were in downtown Boise, I launched a contest called Mateo's Munchies that brought light to all of the vendors in downtown Boise. Who's the best? Well, that was up to YOU to vote and decide!

Well, we have results! Check out our top 3 finalists below!

  • 1

    Dave's Tater Grill

    Dave's is our GRAND CHAMPION and wow did this food cart bring in a lot of votes. From Dogs, Brats, and Sausages to vegetarian options there's something for everyone! Congrats, Dave's Tater Grill! You're #1!

    See their FB Page, HERE.

  • 2

    Top Dog Grill

    Known best for their Chicken Bacon Tater Wraps, Top Dog Grill is coming in at a close second place in Mateo's Munchie Madness! Have ya checked them out before? You can find them on Main & Capitol on the weekends!

    See more from them, HERE.

  • 3

    Azteca Taco Truck

    Located right behind Dirty Little Roddy's, this taco truck ALWAYS has a long line and the wait is worth it. Authentic tacos and some really creative burrito options keep Azteca Taco Truck busy at night and among the best food carts, coming into THIRD place! Congrats, Azteca!

    Check out their page, HERE.

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