I guess I owe those of you that are single and looking for love an apology because I totally forgot to post up last weeks best missed connections. This week, I've got you, booboo!

Folks all over the Treasure Valley are looking for their significant others and in these instances, they wanted to approach you and never did! Now it's a last minute attempt to try and get your attention.  Are any of these about you? Check out the best of this weeks missed connections, below!  Just click the titles to be taken to the original post, with the option to reply to them if you dare!

By the way...if we match make you-- PLEASE TELL US!

You, 40ish runner who runs near Mt. View HS: Every time I see you out running, I feel like I should stop you and talk, but as a runner myself, I know you wouldn't appreciate that. I hope you see this and respond, Maybe we can go on a few runs together. I also like to bike...maybe you do too.


WOW Just wanted to Thank the height of my weekend .
Went to a car wash on Vista yesterday afternoon To vacuum my gold SUV.
Thank you to the very sexy I believe Brunette in a black suv. You had the dark and floral dress,, Between you gracefully leaning and the slight breeze as you wiped down and vacuumed . Great legs Always love great legs in summer Thank you

You were shopping with your daughter, or perhaps a niece? We met eyes a couple times as we passed each other in the drinks aisle. I was going to ask you for your number, but didnt want to embarrass you in front of your friend. If you see this, let me know what I looked like and maybe we could grab lunch or something?


At about 9pm on thursday you were walking 2 dogs south on Leadville. You have dark hair and were wearing a black dress. All I have to say is "WOW!"


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