Here we are, Treasure Valley-- in the holiday season. By now we have pushed through the early phases of Cuffing Season and thousands around the city have found themselves CUFFED. Yes, they're headed to cute Christmas themed adventures, light shows, and family dinners.  How many of these couples will survive? If I were a betting man, well, I'll just keep that to myself.

Call me a slacker--I deserve it--I've been leaving you hanging on some of these missed connections for a couple of weeks. Don't you worry, booboo--THEY'RE BACK.

Before you dive in, I have to give you my disclaimer: if you actually respond to an ad, PLEASE be safe.

Albertsons Marketplace 

Hi! I am writing this as long shot. I was super busy during the day before setting up and making sure my family had a nice turkey dinner. I was late getting my Turkey Dinner and I was asking around Albertson's Market Place but no one could tell me where I could pick it up. You called me from the Catering phone at 6:30pm and gave me directions. You looked like you were in your 20's or 30's. I couldn't tell from your mask and you had the most beautiful eyes. You were very professional yet I had a moment where I thought our eyes met and felt a connection. If you have a boyfriend or are married then please either let me know or you don't have to reply. I get it. It would at least be nice to get to know you. If you remember who I am please put "Albertson's" in the subject line. Thanks!

Fairview Tobacco Connection

Steven. I can't take my mind off of you. The way you flirt with me when I come into the store just kills me! Every time you call me darlin I can just feel the blood rushing to my cheeks 😍😍 please reply to email with what tattoos are on your arms so i know it is you. I can't wait to here from you handsome 😘😘

Beautiful Red Head at Wal-Mart 

I can’t stop thinking about you. I told you what I felt about you. And yes, you disoriented me.

I wanted to ask your number, but I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable. Flirting with women is not something I am good at, as you may have noticed.

Anyways, I hope you see this. If you do, contact me. You won’t regret meeting this gentleman.

Hot Guy at Flying M (Caldwell)

You probably won't see this but we looked at each other and I turned away embarrassed. I think ur so hot but am probably too young for you. The jeans and red sweater looked amazing! Anyway sorry I looked away.


Tall, Dark Haired Man at Idaho Pizza

I saw a tall dark haired guy at the Idaho Pizza in Caldwell. He was wearing wranglers and had a nice smile with beautiful eyes. I was leaving with a take out order....we smiled at each other. I keep thinking about you and wish I had said hi but was to shy. its a long shot but if you read this hmu and maybe we can chat.

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