The last few days here in the Treasure Valley have been next to miserable outside because of the massive heat wave that hit the Treasure Valley.  I'm a huge fan of summer and the heat typically makes me want to get outside and be active--but 108 degrees? Nope, I'll pass on that.

For several days in a row last week our temperatures were well above 100 outside and there's nothing comfortable about that--it typically means we splurge a little on our air conditioning at home or even choose to stay inside for most of the day. The homeless in our city, however, have no such option. I've realized that sometimes when we are the most uncomfortable, it's the homeless we forget about first.

Luckily, our generous community has a few different cooling options for those with no place to seek refuge from the heat and over the past week it was these centers, or "cooling stations" as they're called, that helped many in our community out.

The Boise Rescue Mission runs the River of Life building during the day when temperatures exceed 95 degrees and is open to men, women, and children with no place to go. This center, driven by community generosity, also feeds those who need it as well.

The City of Boise also operates a cooling center, called the Pioneer Neighborhood Center. Services here are offered when temperatures exceed 95 degrees for more than 3 consecutive days-- obviously this week this operation has been open and has been a real place of refuge to many in the homeless community.

As temperatures remain high--don't forget about those with no access to a place to cool off. The Boise Rescue Mission is a great place for you to help if you're seeking a way to do so.

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