Picture this:

Basking in the warm weather, sitting on a grassy hill, enjoying a picnic and a glass of wine that you packed from home.

A beautiful stage is spread out before you, and the show is about to begin.




Where are you, you might ask?

None other than the Idaho Shakespeare Festival located in downtown Boise, where the stage is one of the most stunning outdoor amphitheaters in the world.


About the Idaho Shakespeare Festival

This festival has been around since 1977 – that’s 45 years that this one-of-a-kind theater has been in our little city. 

Facebook/Idaho Shakespeare Festival
Facebook/Idaho Shakespeare Festival

The opening day is Sunday, May 22, and it starts off with the play Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare. 

There will be five plays total over the next five months, the last one running through September 25. 


The experience

This experience is truly unlike any other, and we were shocked to discover how many people have never been – even those who have lived in the Treasure Valley their whole lives!

There’s not much like sitting in a beautiful outside arena, surrounded by nature, under the stars and enjoying a show with hundreds of other people.

Facebook/Idaho Shakespeare Festival
Facebook/Idaho Shakespeare Festival


Oftentimes there’s also mini concerts and other events as well, before the show starts.

Bringing your own blankets, food and drinks is highly encouraged, but there’s also a café where goodies can be purchased!

Facebook/Idaho Shakespeare Festival
Facebook/Idaho Shakespeare Festival


If you’re even remotely interested in theater, history or shows, you’re going to absolutely love this festival. 

But be warned, tickets sell out extremely quickly due to the popularity of this event, so we recommend looking at the dates, seats and shows sooner rather than later.


More information

To take a look at the Know Before You Go, and the Health & Safety Rules for the 2022 season, click here

Frequently Asked Questions can be found here

For a look at the Seating & Pricing options, click here

Facebook/Idaho Shakespeare Festival
Facebook/Idaho Shakespeare Festival


Most importantly, remember to dress warmly or bring multiple layers of clothing, because the nights can cool down very quickly.

But have fun, and enjoy an experience that is truly unique to the Boise area!

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