The last thing you expect when getting into your car is to find your windows broken and a bunch of stuff missing. Unfortunately, that reality is becoming all too common for folks in the Treasure Valley. Let us explain.

Over the weekend, Boise Police responded to almost double-digits worth of vehicle break-ins around town. More specifically, three reports at Kathryn Albertson Park, and four more at Optimist Field.

Replacing a broken window is pricey, but that pales in comparison to what's being stolen from inside people's vehicles. Lately, thieves are getting away with mostly purses and wallets, which also means they have access to cash and credit cards. "No one could rack up a high bill after just stealing someone's wallet, right?" you might ask. You'd be wrong.

In just the cases mentioned above, over $12,000 worth of credit card charges were made just since this past weekend. For those playing at home, that's right around 24 brand new Xbox's. That's a lot of cash to lose that quickly.

Boise Police's advice to keep yourself safe? Don't leave valuables in your car, even if it's properly locked with the alarm set. It's also suggested to not travel with valuables unless you absolutely have to, instead opting to only bring your keys and drivers license (when possible).

So far, there's little to no information leading us to the culprit(s) of Boise's recent vehicle break-ins. Obviously, if you see something suspicious, or have any information pertaining to these crimes, please contact Boise PD immediately.

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