If you have ever taken a drive through Boise's northend or even out around the Old Penn, I guarantee there's been a house (or ten) that has grabbed your attention while driving along. Yes, there are beautiful new homes all over town--especially up towards Table Rock, but something about the charm of Old-Boise homes. With the streets lined of big trees and gates made of brick, there's just something special about these old homes that I have always wanted to experience.

Now, it's no secret: these homes are EXPENSIVE. In fact, the historic status of many of these homes is what adds to their value. The arcitecture is gorgeous and if I ever win the lottery, I'll definitely be buying one of these homes to live in.

If you're like me and you can relate to your love for some old Boise homes, you have also probably always wondered what the insides of some of these looks like. The good news is, there's a really awesome historic home tour happening here in Boise next week that will allow you to take a look--maybe you'll get some inspiration for your own home! A local nonprofit named "Preserve Idaho" will be holding a historic home tour. The tour includes 6 homes along warm springs avenue and will be happening from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. on October 7th (that's next week).

Learn more about the tour from an awesome article inside of The Idaho Statesman, by clicking HERE.

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