If you though the Ada County Sherriff website might put your image out there at your worst moment for the public to see, the Boise Police Department might try to do you one better as they have launched a website that hosts videos of criminals in the act of actually committing crimes.

The Boise Police Department has a new web page to help catch suspected criminals in cases where they've already been caught on camera.
The page, called "BPD Id Me," hosts security camera photos and other images related to crimes under investigation.
The people in the pictures are those who officers have identified as being suspects, persons of interest, or having information about a crime.

I've already written about the morality of posting peoples image before they have had a fair trial. In today's world, a picture and an accusation usually lead to the assumption of guilt in the court of public opinion. Thos, however, might be different because the videos are of a person actually committing a crime.

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