If you love Mid Century modern homes like I do, there is a one of a kind home for sale in Boise... This is not me acting like a real estate agent trying to build hype about one of my listings. This is me the fan of interesting homes sharing something that in my opinion has a very cool history and is definitely one of a kind.

First the history... in 1961 the Cold War was on and poppin and President John F Kennedy wrote the nation and open letter that was printed in Time magazine. He decided that we needed to build fallout shelters (not bomb shelters, fallout shelters were designed to protect people from nuclear fallout, not bomb blast )

The first one built in the country was here in Boise. The Highlands Community Shelter was completed in 1961 and cost the Federal Civil Defense Administration $122,000 to build it. According to news sources it was built to save 1000 people. It was designed with dormitories and decontamination showers.

Now we know that there were never any nuclear attacks back then so in 1972 the Boise School District bought it and owned it until 2003 when Jon Farren bought it for $150,000. Fast forward to present day and it's for sale again. According to Zillow the real estate website you can own this 14,000 square-foot, large 4 bedroom, three bath, two-story, mid-century, almost-modern "home" for $2.1 million.

I would buy this house BUT the listing doesn't say anything about a garage and as you know I own a few cars and they like to be inside :)



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