I'm a sucker for good deals and it seems like Applebee's is on to something...bottomless chicken tenders.

Growing up, chicken tenders from a deli was by far my favorite "snack" to get when my parents were feeling generous. Is that the healthiest option? No, it certainly isn't. However--those things are such a guilty pleasure of mine for whatever reason.

Well, Applebee's, home of the $1 Long Island Iced Teas has stepped up their game and a quick shout out to Mandi who actually called in to my show tonight and shared this deal with me:  Bottomless chicken tenders are now available at Applebee's for just $12!  So essentially, for #13, you're getting all you can eat chicken tenders and Long Island Ice Teas's...this sounds like trouble to me.

This deal is available nation-wide and if you don't know where the nearest Applebee's is, just click HERE for a map!

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