We saw a few things that we haven't see in a while on Friday and they all surrounded Boise State football. Bronco fans--the good news is--all of them are good and exciting.

For the first time in DECADES, Boise State started three different quarterbacks--on Friday, third string Jaylon Henderson, who was behind the charge and victory for Boise State. With that victory also came history as it was the first time since joining the Mountain West Conference that the Boise State Broncos went undefeated in conference play. That pesky loss to BYU was a non-conference game. Oh, and perhaps the nicest part of all of this was that for the first time in WHO KNOWS how long...we got to watch Boise State play while the sun was still up.

With the win came a climb in the rankings and across the country, Memphis moved Cincinnati out of the Broncos' way, and now Boise State trails only Memphis for that coveted spot in a major bowl game to represent the at-large, non power five team.

How are we feeling, Boise State fans? Could the Broncos compete with a powerhouse like the Tide?

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