First, there was an active shooter outside of the Steelheads hockey game on Saturday night, and now there are reports of a stabbing that occurred in downtown Boise just an hour ago.

What is Boise turning into?!


Boise PD turned to Twitter to alert the community of a stabbing they responded to just after 10 am this morning, on 27th St. in downtown Boise. 


An injured adult male was located, and Ada County Paramedics promptly rushed him to a local hospital as officers searched for the culprit.   



As you can see, nearby schools were put on shelter in place for their own safety, while officers continued their search to apprehend the suspect. 


According to their most recent tweet, the Boise PD located a female who matches the suspect’s description and they have taken her into custody. The schools are no longer being sheltered in place, and the investigation is ongoing. 


From 2019 to 2020, Idaho saw a drop in its crime rate for the fourth year in a row, with Ada County alone seeing a 4.5% drop in total offenses. 

However, since the beginning of 2022, we've been seeing crimes occur left and right – shootings, stabbings, cars and homes being vandalized and/or broken into. 

This recent trend is casting a long shadow over Idaho, and leaves its citizens begging the question: Is Boise still a safe place to live?

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