We have a dilemma. What happens to your stuff post-breakup? I mean emotions are high, ugly things are said and then it's over. What happens to all hour stuff?

I'm having a discussion with my co-host Kat Fisher, who is having this exact predicament. She dates a guy, stops dating the guy, and wants her stuff back.

I have a few thoughts but it's just that attitude that needs to get checked. Kat is currently watching me write this and she is on the fence but I know she wants to bust that door down! Think of it like this.

  1. "I Cheated, I'm wrong but I still want my stuff back" - NO! You can't roll up on someone demanding your crap back if you decided to make poor choices ruining the situation. You messed up. It's your fault - ✌️
  2. "He cheated, I'm devastated but still want my stuff back" - Bring someone with you-preferably a dude, and both of you walk in to get all your belongings. Don't leave anything behind. I'm serious girl you need to blow out that relationship and all signs of it.
  3. "We were dating, nothing serious but I want my stuff back - oh, I was terrible." - That's Kat. It's been exactly 6 weeks and 1 day. The fact she knows it by the day is kind of alarming but whatever. She wants her foam roller back and said he can keep the beanie.I'm sorry girl but it's too late. I'm sure Kat messed that situation up so you need to roll your booty to Freddy's and invest in a new one. Call it a day chica.
  4. "We were dating, nothing serious but he messed up and I want my stuff" - Just text the fool and get it back. Be done girl.

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