"If there's seven minutes in heaven, make it double, triple, oh..."

After weeks of speculation from super-sleuth stans analyzing every Instagram, it's official: Britney Spears and Tinashe are linking up on a new version of Glory sleepover jam "Slumber Party," and B-Girl herself just provided the first receipt to prove that this dream is very much real.

"Neighbors say we're causing a commotion..." the Holy Spearit wrote with a photo of the two in pose on set. (Yes, a video is coming...)

This is a major moment for Tinashe — not just because it's a high-profile collabo with a Living Legend™, but because the Aquarius pop princess has been an outspoken, fiercely loyal Godney stan for years: from sampling "Blur" on her "Can't Say No" to breaking it down mid-traffic to "Womanizer" in the Queens Midtown tunnel to bringing up Britney's influence in just about every interview to shaking and crying at Piece of Me in Las Vegas. Seriously, she's just as obsessed as we are.

This is basically the best Meet & Greet package ever.

It's also a big moment for Britney's not-so-patient fans: despite releasing the album back in August, Brit Brit hasn't released a follow-up from Glory beyond lead single "Make Me" with G-Eazy...but that's about to change soon enough.

We're all entirely dead on your behalf, Tinashe — and that this is even happening in the first place.

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