We understand that the pandemic has flipped our lives upside down and the back to school ritual is no exception. Half home school, half regular school has turned into higher on boarding costs for many families and we want to help with $1000. Brooke & Jeffrey's $1000 Home School Hook- Up is your chance to set the kids up for a great year of learning at home and at school. It's also an opportunity for you to pamper yourself and regain a bit of your sanity. Here's how it works:

Weekdays starting Sept.8th at 7am - Noon and 5pm listeners will be invited to call in and win a pair of passes to the The Commons Climbing Gym. Every winner will also qualify for the $1000 Home School Hook-Up. The Grand Prize winner will be picked at 5pm on September 25th. Get all the info you need below on the Climbing Gym. This place is AWESOME!


We are Open!

Sat-Sun-: 11am-7pm

M-F: 10am-10pm

Members Only Hours Tues./Thurs. 6am-10am & Saturday/Sunday 8am-11am

Thank you for choosing The Commons Climbing Gym! Due to COVID-19 concerns, we have updated some of our policies temporarily and increased our cleaning/sanitization. Please familiarize yourself with these before you come in.

New Climbers welcome! Come let our team of experienced climbing instructors do what we do best- introduce you to this amazing activity!

Personal Hygiene:

  1. Mask (self-provided)

  2. Social Distancing in effect

  3. Take Temp at door with infrared thermometer

  4. Wash hands before climbing

  5. Water fountains will be closed, bottle refill open

  6. No outside food

  7. Bring a water bottle

  8. Every 4 routes sanitize your hands

Idaho Phase IV and Phase III:

  • Gym occupancy of 60 people

  • Teach belay classes

  • Yoga classes

  • Team camps

  • Staff will continue to wear masks. Masks are no longer required for climbers, but we ask that you continue wearing masks if possible while you climb. Masks will still be worn anytime not climbing. You aren’t just protecting yourself with a mask, you are protecting everyone else!

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