Ah, water. We all need it. We all like it. There's nothing more refreshing--especially on a hot summer day here in the Treasure Valley.

Brown water? No thanks. I only want to see that getting flushed down the toilet--not into my body!

You may be familiar with the SUEZ Water drama that has been happening up on the Boise Bench for some time now. Residents on the bench are frustrated that from time to time, the water at home comes out a nasty shade of brown. Would you want to drink that? I know that I wouldn't.

According to SUEZ Water over a year ago when the problem got very prominent here in town, the water is safe to drink. The discoloration, however, is allegedly a very complicated problem to fix. The problem, says SUEZ, is that the Boise Bench has aging metallic mains--the water on the bench is facing all sorts of naturally occurring mineralization from the wells and oxidation.

Still, even if proven scientifically fine to drink--I want nothing to do with drinking water that looks as if it was drained from a litter box.

Nobody knows what is in store for the Boise Bench and SUEZ just yet, but a presentation has been announced for anyone to join, via Zoom. There, the company plans to roll out their plans for improving these long-frustrated conditions and will even open up the session for questions and comments by viewers.

The meeting will be held at 6:00 p.m. on May 19th and if you want to reserve your spot, click HERE.

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