If you love a giant smoked turkey leg, jerk chicken with coconut mango rice, mac and cheese, red beans and rice, gumbo or jambalaya I have good news for you. Brown Shuga Soul Food, one of the original food trucks in the Treasure valley will continue to serve these delicious selections. The local favorite had been at the risk of going out of business due to COVID-19. Yvonne Anderson -Thomas who owns the food truck told ktvb that when all the catering and events stopped so did her income. She quickly found herself in need of $5000 to keep her business afloat. Yvonne's friend Angie created a fundraiser page on Facebook and in typical treasure valley fashion the people responded by surpassing the $5000 goal and actually getting closer to $10,000.

Yvonne says “I’m a giver. I’m not used to receiving. I guess now I’m getting back some of those good deeds I did in the past. #BoiseKind


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