Brundage holds a special place in my heart as I've spent so much time there with friends and family. I have definitely made some great memories and even some not so fun ones like the time my son broke his elbow cap... oh by the way we didn't find out till 4 days later. It's a long story but to my point... many memories created on that mountain. Brundage has always had a family type vibe and its the type of place that you don't ever want to see change, unfortunately while we're waiting for a President to be announced Brundage made and announcement of their own...

Brundage Mountain Holdings LLC, a group made up of people with ties to Idaho and McCall, purchased the majority interest in the ski area. Current Resort President Bob Looper will lead the group.

Why is this happening, the changes come in part because Mountain co-owner Judd DeBoer passed away earlier this year at age 81. In a statement Bob Looper said:

"We are looking forward to growing the resort for future generations while honoring the history that has made Brundage a special place for McCall and the surrounding region,"

"Through Judd's leadership over the last 40 years, the resort expanded its terrain and improved skier services for local families and visiting guests. We are fortunate to have this strong legacy as a foundation for the resort's future."

So what does this mean for our favorite ski hill? According to ktvb "The new group has vowed to proceed with planned development projects spearheaded by Judd DeBoer, including the first phase of a mountain village project. The project will include a new base lodge and other multi-season facilities."

A new lodge and other multi-season facilities... I'm sold and I can't wait so see the digs. Now can we get an announcement on the President?

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