The Boise State program might have just added some much-needed competition to their schedules in 2021 and 2023. BSU's Group of 5 rival Central Florida just announced new opponents that strengthen their schedule adding the Broncos as one of those competitors.

Bronco football is about to get really exciting as UCF just added a 2-game series. This is split in home games with one on the blue and the other in Central Florida. Why does this matter?

UCF has gone undefeated several years with one major complaint, they don't play anybody. You might say the same about the Broncos but our guys' schedule gets them in the hunt as long as they win. That hasn't actually been the case each year but the boys in blue always find a path. I think that's all come to an end as I dug deep into the schedule over the next few years.

Pay close attention to what happens with freshman quarterback Hank ???? because he's gonna have some very steep competitors coming up. These are the kind of games that definitely get you in the conversation if you win. Check out the schedule.

The 100th Rose Bowl Game - Stanford v Michigan State
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  • Florida State Seminoles - While the Broncos beat them you can't blame the Seminoles for falling apart against the Broncos in the 2nd half. BSU wins.
  • BYU and Utah State (both games on the road and ESPN has both about a 50/50 split on odds.

2020 (so far)

  • Florida State Seminoles play on the blue turf (can you say sellout!)
  • BSU heads to Marshall which will be tough on the road considering we barely won at home.
  • BYU comes to play on the blue.


  • BSU travels to play the Houston Cougars and BYU
  • Oklahoma State University comes to Boise (big game)
  • BSU plays UCF (TBA on Home/Away)


  • BSU travels to Oregon State to play the Beavers
  • Michigan State and BYU will travel to play on the blue.


  • BSU plays UCF (TBA on Home/Away)
  • The Oregon State Beavers travel to BSU
  • BSU plays Michigan State and BYU away


  • Houston and Cincinnati play the Broncos on the blue.
  • BSU travels to play the Ducks in Oregon

The list goes on including Washington State but the point is that BSU is scheduling to win. Just know as the population continues to grow, the city grows and the Broncos win. You can expect a stadium upgrade. We'll see because we still need to get past UNLV, Hawaii, and BYU before the buzz goes national.

Go Broncos! BSU is off this week and away next weekend. The first home will be Hawai'i on October 12, 2019.

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