"I'm a bartender and I had my phone sat out on the bar and this man stole my f---ing phone," this TikTok user began in her viral story time posted Oct. 25.

But more importantly, her "f---ing Min Yoongi photo card got stolen."

Min Yoongi is the real name of Korean rapper and producer Suga from BTS.

After explaining her suspicions when the customer apparently asked for his food to go after just arriving, the girl said she realized after the interaction that her phone was gone.

"And it had a Min Yoongi photo card in the back of it," she said.

She then tracked her phone and discovered it at a local casino and recruited the security guard at the bar to help retrieve the phone, even though, "it's kind of dangerous" to do so in Memphis.

Allegedly, the two found the man's car and the to-go bag from the bar.

The girl then explained the story to a police officer who was in the area, and the cop tracked down the man, who tried to deny the theft.

The man also denied that the car was his, until the cop told him the girl wasn't going to press charges if he admitted to taking the phone.

The man then allegedly opened the driver's side door, to which the girl said in the video, "'Oh, but that's not your car though!' Be so f---ing for real!"

"So he pulls out my phone and I see my Min Yoongi photo card missing on the back of it," she said. "In that moment I wanted to press charges."

"I said, 'Where's the little Korean man on the back of my phone?'" she added. "Keep looking."

At the end of the day, she did get her phone back, but she ended the video with a heartbroken sentiment: "Rest in peace to my Min Yoongi photo card! For real!"

Other ARMYs found the delivery of the story hilarious.

One fan commented, "I love that the opening line is 'someone stole my Min Yoongi card’ and not ‘someone stole my phone.'"

"Maybe he took it for his photocard collection," another viewer jokingly suggested.

"F--- HIM & HIS PC COLLECTION," the girl in the video replied.

Hilariously, another viewer theorized, "He’s probably holding Yoongi right now giggling and kicking his feet."

Watch the video, below:

In a follow-up video, she revealed which photo card was lost, set to the tune of Mariah Carey's "Bye Bye."

And, in a plot twist, she revealed that after everything, the man came back to return the Suga photo card.

"My man [probably] thought it would haunt him if he didn’t return it to u LMAO," a viewer said.


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