They say weird things start to happen when the temperature begins to warm up in the Treasure Valley. Consider this one of those "weird things".

By the way, I have seen my fair share of escaped aminals in Boise including a lamma on the run, and an agitated monkey jumping from rooftop to rooftop in Nampa, and a parrot perched on a high tree.

Ada County Paramedics tweeted: "Just another day at the office" when responding to a large bull that somehow escaped and managed to roam free in Meridian yesterday. It not only took Ada county paramedics to contain the animal, but Boise fire, and Meridian police as well.

Rickey the bull escaped from his confines near Ustick and Locust Grove. Minor damage to a few shrubs was reported while trying to wrangle the bull.

The bull was reportedly captured and is back in captivity.

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