Does anyone really NEED an Apple Watch? No. Have I wanted one for a while? Yeah, and I'm not really sure why.

Take it from a guy that never wears watches or bracelets-- I do NOT need an Apple Watch. But for whatever reason, I've been dying to get one of THESE on my wrist. I'm not even a real "tech" guy-- I am not the first one with the new phones, in fact, I've still got an iPhone 7 Plus and I love it way too much to ever upgrade.

I made a decision yesterday and committed-- it was time to treat myself to an Apple Watch after literally MONTHS of not only talking myself out of it--but telling my FRIENDS to tell me I didn't need one of these things. I'm one full day into wearing it and I've got to admit-- this thing is pretty sweet. It tracks literally EVERYTHING and motivated me to not skip the gym today just so I could complete my calorie burning goals.

What's the last thing you've bought and regretted? As much as I love this watch, I'm still a little sour about the cost. Is there something you REALLY want that you keep talking yourself out of?

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