When we write these articles, it's to keep you informed on everything happening in the Treasure Valley and all around Idaho. Our purpose is never to insult, hurt, or chastise.

That being said, "Caldwell Industrial Airport" is an absolutely terrible name. You might as well have named it "The Airport In Caldwell." Zero creativity. One out of five stars.

The good news is, after 45 years, Caldwell's airport is finally getting a new name.

A little background here. Caldwell's airport was relocated 45 years ago, and given the name "Caldwell Industrial Airport" in hopes of attracting new and bustling industry. According to the City of Caldwell's Communication Specialist Bianca Stevenson, it's working:

Caldwell is growing into a business center anchoring the west end of The Treasure Valley.

Now that we know why the airport had that terrible outdated name, what's it going to be called moving forward? It's quite simply, really:

Treasure Valley Executive Airport.

Stevenson continues:

Updating the airport's name from Caldwell Industrial Airport to Treasure Valley Executive Airport at Caldwell is a logical step that will serve us for generations to come. It not only reflects the city's development and marketing goals but also recognizes our ongoing growth into a Regional Business Airport.

Better name, but questions remain. Do I need to be an actual executive of some type to fly? Are suits and ties required? Does everyone carry a briefcase on their person at all times while in the airport?

Time will tell. Either way, it's definitely a solid name upgrade.

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