We are so lucky to live in a place where our community comes together in times of need. I've lived in other areas of the Pacific Northwest and never felt the type of charm, charitability, and community as I have here in the Treasure Valley. Maybe I'm biased because this is home but I truly believe that time and time again, the actions of members of our greater area speak for themselves. Even when there isn't one, overt, centralized effort for a "need", people continue to give.  A great cause in Caldwell, Idaho is asking for your help and I can't stress enough how great of a cause it is.

Tuesday night, February 2nd, the ice rink at Indian Creek Plaza will be giving proceeds to the Caldwell Burnout Fund. The fund provides financial assistance to Caldwell residents that are affected by fire and that have immediate needs when their homes are destroyed by fire. A home fire is just one of those things you never expect to happen but if it does, can upend your life unlike anything else.

If you tell the ice rink that you're there to support the cause, a portion of proceeds will go towards this fund. I can't imagine the relief that these funds give families who have lost it all.

This event seems like a great reason to get out on a Tuesday and give back.

Learn more, RSVP, and invite friends to the event, HERE.

Learn more about Caldwell Fire Department's Burnout Fund, HERE.

LOOK: The Inauguration in Photos


LOOK: The Inauguration in Photos


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