Residents in Caldwell went to bed last night with specific instructions from the City of Caldwell--boil the water.  Now, hours later, the city is still warning residents.

Residents in the following subdivisions have been warned about water quality and have been instructed that their water must be boiled before being consumed:

  • The Fairoaks Subdivision
  • The Stoncreek Subdivision
  • The Mariah Court Subdivision
  • Woodbury Estates Subdivision
  • Beechwood Subdivision
  • Ison Court Subdivision
  • The Michala Court Subdivion
  • The Starlight Park Subdivision
  • The Starlight Manor Subdivision
  • The Green Acres Subdivisions
  • The Caldwell YMCA

So what happened? City crews shut down water valves as part of a scheduled outage and additional vales were found to be closed as well--which messed with the city water pressure. While simple, it created a complicated problem.

According to the City of Caldwell, the following risks are at play:

A mainline pressure drop has the potential to create an unsafe drinking water condition. Low mainline pressures pose the risk of drawing in bacteria or contamination from household water supply plumbing or other connected water system elements through backflow. Drinking water contaminated with bacteria or other possible contaminants associated with this incident could make you sick.

At this point, the City of Caldwell does not have an exact time that this water work will be done or when the boil water advisory will be lifted--so, purchase bottled water if you'd like or just keep boiling.

See a map of the 'problem area' below:







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