As the summer wears on there is more and more talk about kids students returning to school and there is no doubt this is a sensitive subject. Districts are doing their best to roll out comprehensive plans but most have been met with resistance from concerned parents and I understand why. The Caldwell School district is the latest to announce their plan to get 6000 students back into the classroom. Here are some points from a ktvb interview:

  • The start day has moved to the 27th and 28th
  • Depending on severity of Covid-19 there are 3 potential plans, Yellow, Green  or Red.
  • As of now the Yellow plan is set to kick off the year... "That's one of the most difficult parts - is the blended learning model,"Communication officer  Westfall said. "Students come to school some days of the week and learn online other days."
  • Secondary students, or middle and high school students, would go to school two days a week and have a common digital day.
  • "Elementary students, they would go every day for a half-day except Wednesday,"

The idea to split the school day into morning or afternoon sessions is that there would only be half the amount of kids in classrooms. The district is now working on getting schedules out to parents as quickly as possible.

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