The other day I was having a conversation about how the radio station vehicle had been vandalized. When I say vandalized I'm not making reference to graffiti on the paint or the vehicle getting keyed. The catalytic converter was stolen from the vehicle. No it wasn't a brand new unit that was sitting inside the vehicle in a box, someone climbed underneath the truck and using a sawzall cut out the used exhaust part. Who does that? I asked a group of friends and all of all sudden we were in a conversation about California crime vs Idaho crime. More than half of the group insisted that the "catalytic converter" incident was a California crime meaning that those kinds of crimes were unheard of until the Californians started to move here by the thousands.

Today when I found out about the Boise County Sheriffs Office finding a live grenade inside a home, the first thing that came to mind was  "California Crime" or "Idaho Crime" What do you think? Is there a difference?

"Boise County Sheriff's office received a call of a possible explosive device inside a residence in the Garden Valley area. Upon careful examination it was determined the item was indeed a live hand grenade. The Air Force explosive ordinance disposal team from Mountain Home arrived on scene and safely detonated the grenade.
A big thank you to Garden Valley fire who were on scene to help in case things got out of control. The Boise County Sheriff's office would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone to be nice to your neighbors."

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