Well, I'm surprised this didn't come earlier. Idahoans are tired of being told that they can't make their money, stay inside and wait it out. The protests have begun.

Governor Little just added a few weeks to our stay-home order to keep people protected from catching the coronavirus. The President has just since said the same and it's so hard to really gauge what's going on.

There were over 1,000 protestors with signs, megaphones, and groups that showed up on the steps of the Capitol building on Friday. The Idaho Freedom Foundation including others has decided to come out and let everyone know they refuse to let their lives be dictated by the government. This is such a hard topic for so many reasons.

We're all impacted by things in life and that typically carves out the things we stand for. I stand up for child abuse prevention and domestic violence because I was impacted by it. I grew up seeing some back things and Idaho opened my eyes to the things we never see that happen behind doors. I've been an advocate for those reasons. They move me.

If you've lost someone to COVID-19 then I'm sure you have a different opinion. If you've lost business because you can't survive things might be different for you. We're all touched in a different way and this one is difficult.

“We do not consent to our state being shut down. We do not consent to forced imprisonment. All businesses are essential. Idahoans have a fundamental right to provide for their families. Government cannot interfere with natural rights.”

If you can't pay your bills then your attitude might be to open up the city. Can you blame someone who just wants to save their family? We are living in a very odd moment when we don't actually have the answers. Everyone is struggling. You will do what it takes to save and feed your family. I agree that we need to stay inside but I'm basing that off what I read.

I'm a radio personality, blogger, photographer and the list goes on. The one thing I'm not is a professional that works on the front line saving lives. They're saying to stay inside so this can get under control. I look at what's happening in the cities who are starting to coming down and we might be a few weeks from that. I'm not sure if lifting any ruling makes things worse or makes an impact at all.

People have been protesting since before I was before with one exception, social media. Do what is right for your family but be careful not to get caught up in the online fights. That's when things get bad and it's just not worth it.

Good luck, be safe and a shout out to not just the unbelievable people on the front lines. My heart goes out to those moms and dads trying to piece their lives together while COVID-19 tries to shut it down.


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