For some reason, I can't shake the incredible feeling of sadness I have about the fire at Knitting Factory earlier this week. 

It'll be a while until any of us can build Knitting Factory memories like that again. According to KIVI-TV, around 60% of the interior of the building sustained smoke, fire and water damage on Tuesday.  Boise Fire says the official start of the fire was a contractor working on the HVAC system.  While cutting material, a spark escaped and hit combustible material inside the ducting. The fire eventually progressed into the floorboards and second story wall.

But the show will go on! Knitting Factory plans on relocating the concerts scheduled for their venue.  Tonight's concert has been moved to the Revolution Concert House.  In a statement on their Facebook page, they encourage concert-goers to check their website and social media accounts for updates on changes for upcoming shows.

The Knitting Factory was going under renovations that would allow almost 200 additional concert goers to attend shows at the venue.

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