It's a big week here in the Treasure Valley, across the State of Idaho, and nationwide! It is National Teacher Appreciation Week!

Having grown up here in the Treasure Valley, I have some serious love and appreciation for educators that are right here in our backyard. If you're a local like me or maybe you moved here and have some kids in local schools now, you will totally understand what I'm talking about.

Teachers literally do it ALL and get, in my opinion, far too little credit for the work. Think back to the most influential teacher in our life? What made them so impactful. Maybe they helped you solve a chapter of that math class that you just couldn't figure out. Maybe they listened when you were going through some personal struggles at home or in the hallways. Teachers are heroes.

I think back to my days at two local Treasure Valley Schools and could rattle off a list of impactful educators. Many of whom, believe it or not, I am still in close touch with. Between many educators at St. Paul's School in Nampa and Bishop Kelly High School here in Boise, I learned far more than just the academic basics. I was shaped into the human I am today--with a skill set of critical thought and a desire to always find the "whole" in growth-spirit body and mind.

Which local Treasure Valley teachers impacted you the most? Post up, share some love and let's give them the acknowledgement they deserve.

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