Someone alert the Avocado Lady! Cue the avocado jingle! It's about to be a NATIONAL HOLIDAY -- at least for those of us lovers of all things avocado.

With another "national day" on the way, it's time you take note and make lunch or dinner plans at Chipotle. That's because they're getting behind one of the best days of them all: National Avocado Day.

A friend and I have a running joke about Chipotle and their guac up-charge. We always say, sure, we're friends but would I pay the extra dollar for your guac!? Or sure, she's cute, but does she deserve that extra $1 guac at Chipotle!? Very few are important enough to qualify for this up-charge. This week? Everyone qualifies.

This Wednesday, July 31st, Chipotle will be offering FREE guac to your meals all across the country. There is a small catch of course, this deal is exclusive to their online or mobile app orders.

Through the website (or the app), you will be able to order your Chipotle for either delivery (where that applies) or pick-up and as long as you add the guac to your bowls, salads, tacos, or burritos through an online method, there isn't going to be an upcharge.

Check this out for yourself, HERE.

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