I feel like I write about beer a lot, but if you love it like I do, today is your day.  Our day, if you will.

It's National Beer Lovers Day and I want to know all about your favorite beers and breweries!  One of my favorite places to get beer anywhere downtown is at Prost on 8th and Idaho. It's a small German bar serving, of course, German beers and small plates. They've got an awesome patio and one of my favorite things about Prost is that all of their tables are long, with bench seating. I've met more cool people there because of the community feel. Everyone sits together, introduces themselves, and I feel like you always leave with a new friend.

Another favorite place of mine that I would recommend you grab a beer at is Sockeye Brewing.  They have two locations in town and both of them offer their locally brewed beer from right here in Boise!

According to twitter, people in Boise are excited and are totally talking about today's holiday.

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