Today, according to the internet (which is never wrong, right?) is National Student Athlete Day!  I think it's in order that we celebrate student athletes today because simply put, what they do isn't easy.

I believe it to be true that all of us on air here at 103.5 KISSFM were student athletes at one point or another growing up.  I had the pleasure of being a student-athlete at Bishop Kelly right here in the Treasure Valley and was (for just a couple of weeks) a signed student athlete at the College of Idaho in Caldwell.

Sports always helped keep my mind clear growing up and what better way to make friends and keep your eye off the drama, especially in high school!  I have to tip my hats to those academic decathlon and debate student athletes as well.  Though their activities don't take place on a field or a court, those students (who were always far smarter than I) know the pressure of juggling after school activities and represented their respective schools well.  Being a student AND THEN an athlete is tough.

While the number of high school student-athletes across the treasure valley is probably boggling, a chunk of those students move on to take their talents to the next level and compete on the collegiate stage.

Thanks to the Idaho Statesman, there's a complete list of those students that you can view HERE.

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