It's a crazy world out there right now and the war in Ukraine is nothing to take lightly. The amount of social injustice, lack of care for the dignity of human life, and the impact that the unnecessary conflict is having across the globe is no joke.

Of course, in the United States, we can't get out of our own way associating prices of gas with respective political leaders.

Gas prices will be what they will be--we're all in this together. Have you considered these easy ways to save on gas and increase your gas mileage in your vehicle, no matter the price? 

7 Gas Saving Tips that will save you money!

We look at seven gas-saving tips courtesy of AAA Idaho/Oregon.

Taking extra steps like this can really add-up the savings when it comes to getting more miles out of that expensive gas. 

So what's the deal with gas in the Treasure Valley and does it really need to be this expensive? We're trying to connect the dots ourselves because we get the need to save money, especially after the craziness our world has been going through over the last few months.

But why is everyone wanting gas so badly?

Look, consider yourself lucky because we've put together a comprehensive guide of six locations that you, your friends, your family, and your kids can get some gas for under $3 and that's real talk!

Check out this comprehensive guide, below: 

Gas Is Under $3 at These Six Treasure Valley Businesses

It seems that you can't go anywhere these days-- either in person or online--without hearing about GAS. Everyone is talking about it and while normally gas is something that most people would be too embarrassed to talk about, we're trying to figure out why it's such a hot topic right now! No matter the reason, we're here for the giggles and the gas and would like to highlight 6 local places that we're nearly certain can give you gas for under $3!

Interested in some REAL taco action? No offense to Taco Bell...but we've got a guide for that, too: 

Boise's Ultimate Taco Guide

If you have ever found yourself looking for some tacos in the Treasure Valley, this is the guide you'll need to keep in your favorites. Check out Boise's Top 35 Taco Spots, here!



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