Library? You mean a place you walk in, check books, and study for class? You mean they're getting MORE popular? It's true and you can own one yourself. Check out the little libraries that are popping up all over the city.


You don't have time to sit in a library huh? No problem! Just put one in your yard, invite the neighborhood, and you're finished. It's actually being done across the Treasure Valley and the country. These little pop-up libraries are called, "Little Free Libraries."


I first thought this might be odd having people always coming into your yard hovering around some books like a bad night at Redbox. I started thinking about it and completely changed my mind. There are so many digital distractions that take our kids away from being constructive by doing the simple things like reading. I think if building a little library, stocking it with books, and offering them for free reads creates excitement to read - That's pretty amazing. It reminds me of the cookie lady down the street who always opened her door to neighborhood kids that wanted fresh cookies during the day. Did you know that over 50,000 have been built nationwide?

How Do They Work?

It's pretty simple and all on the honesty system. You walk up, grab a book, read it, and take it back. That's pretty much it. Some of these little libraries have notebooks where you can add comments and request different books. This is just a cute little community that you do with your family and friends. You can build them yourself or purchase them from

Here's a few taken from around the Treasure Valley

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