When it comes to summertime in the Treasure Valley, a few things are true, no matter what.

  • People are always outside--no matter the heat that we're experiencing here, the great outdoors are a haven to Treasure Valley locals
  • Concerts are more frequent and significantly better--plus, we have amazing outdoor venues to enjoy shows at
  • Patios everywhere are jam packed because we just can't help ourselves: we want to eat and drink under the sun!

With all of this in mind, perhaps the busiest businesses in town when the sun is out, are our local ones. Especially our local breweries!

Western Collective, locally owned and operated, is by far one of the city's most popular and they have just announced that they'll be throwing a major party this weekend to roll out a HUGE menu of new booze-infused slushes!

Let's take a look at what slush-lovers can expect from 'Slush Fest' 2023!

Exclusive Look at Boise's Top Booze-Infused Slushes

Just because summer is slowly winding down doesn't mean that it's over. This weekend, a popular Boise brewery, Western Collective, will be throwing 'SlushFest'!

We know you'll want to try all four--so the question at this point is, which are you trying first!? 

Don't these look amazing!? If you've already been to Western Collective this summer perhaps you have a favorite flavor. There's good news and bad news: this weekend, they'll be available still. Afterwards? The new menu takes over.

Slushfest 2023 is going to be an absolute blast. It will be taking place on Saturday, August 12th, from 2:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. at Western Collective, in Garden City!

A Look Inside Boise's Trendiest Brunch

When it comes to brunch, the weekend crowds here in the Treasure Valley do NOT mess around. There's a little bit of everything around town but we learned over the weekend that there's something special about the locally owned and operated Huck House Brunchette here in Boise, Idaho.

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