We want to warn anyone accessing this article that the following may include triggers for some. Reader & viewer discretion is advised. 

It was a rainy fall day--October 25th of 2021--and things were "normal" in Boise, Idaho. The city is just about always quiet and rarely is there commotion. This day, however, tragedy struck the city that we call home and national headlines included this Boise incident--one we never thought would come.

A selfless individual went into the Boise Town Square Mall on a weekday and began shooting a gun--killing innocent individuals and injuring many others.

Here is a brief look at what is contained in the body cam footage: 

Eerie Footage Shows Body Cam Angles of Boise Mall Shooting

Just a year ago, Boise was taken back by a tragedy we never thought would happen here. Today, Boise Police released body cam footage of this scary day.

Authorities also offered statements on the shooting that day. 

Before the body cam footage begins to play, Chief Ron Winegar of the Boise Police Department addresses the public. He shares that the city was shaken that day--and that there are still pains that are felt in Boise from that incident. One police officer who was significantly injured that day, by the mall shooter, still is not able to get back to work.

View the video for yourself, below. Footage stops before showing the injured suspect or injured officers. 



Here is a look back at Boise's reaction that day: 

Boise Reacts to Mall Shooting

An unheard of incident for Boise, Idaho took place at the Towne Square Mall on the afternoon of October 25th.

Boise woman charged for stealing from dead body of boise mall shooting

Boise woman charged after stealing items from dead body of Boise mall shooting victim, Jo Acker4

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