This brings back so many memories from elementary school! 

When I was a kids I LIVED for Pizza Hut's BOOK It! challenge. I forget if it was based on how long we read or how many books we read to earn the stickers for our BOOK It! badges, but I certainly remember how excited my sister and I would get when the whole family went to Pizza Hut so that we could get our free personal pan pizzas for filling them up! I still remember the way that Pizza Hut smelled and the table version of Frogger in the lobby.  After more than 30 years, BOOK It! is still running strong and continues to motivate kids to read.

Now Chipotle wants to do the same thing! They're kicking off their Reading Rewards Program.  You child's school can submit an application to be part of the program.  If the school has a reading program in place, that's great.  If not, Chipotle encourages teachers to use their challenge log.  It's a black and white calendar with an outline of Chipotle ingredients on each day.  If kiddos read 10-20 minutes, they get to color in the picture.  Once the calendar is totally colored in, kids submit it to their teacher or librarian to receive a FREE kids' meal card.

If you're a teacher, librarian or parent that just REALLY enjoys Chipotle, here's what you need to know. Supplies for the program are limited because only one application per school is allowed during the first year of the program.  It's best to have one school employee head up the application for the entire school so that no child gets left out of the goodies. Click HERE for more details on the process.

Chipotle now has five locations in the Treasure Valley: 2 in Boise, 1 in Meridian, 1 in Garden City and 1 in Nampa.

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