According to TMZ, the boxing match between Soulja Boy and Chris Brown is possibly going to be scheduled to take place in Dubai.

While both Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are interested in the fight actually happening, and were initially were eying Las Vegas as the location, it'd be nearly impossible to pull off there because of the city's strict drug test regulations. Clearly, Soulja Boy and Chris Brown would have issues passing a drug test (see: Instagram).

At any rate, Dubai seems to be the plan now, and they're looking to have the boxing match air on Pay-Per-View, in hopes of getting a hefty paycheck. As was previously reported, Floyd Mayweather is training Soulja Boy for the match, while Mike Tyson is working with Chris Brown to get him ready.

No official word yet on when this will go actually go down, but it does indeed appear to be really happening.


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