I love music and I love cars but I have never done anything extreme in order to meet or befriend an artist. I have spent what some people may consider ridiculous money on cars as a matter of fact I once owned nine cars simultaneously... But that' s a story for another time.

Let me tell you about my friend Raquel who just yesterday flew from Phoenix to Los Angeles to try and get into Chris Brown's public yard sale. Who in their right mind buys and spends money on airfare to fly to another city in HOPES of getting into a yard sale?!!! What was she hoping to accomplish? Did she think she was going to meet him?

Let me tell what happened after she spent money on airfare, hotel and missed a day of work to go to her idols yard sale... NOTHING!!! Nothing happened, she arrived, got in a huge line that stretched for blocks and waited. Then she waited some more. And then she waited some more. Before she knew it 7pm came around and the yard sale was over. She along with a thousand other super fans we're asked to go home. The question is this... Is Raquel a super fan or is she super crazy!!! I'm gonna go out on a limb and say she's super crazy.


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