It’s officially March, so you know what that means?

It’s yard sale season. 


Early spring is reportedly the best time to host a garage sale, because it’s not too hot outside and people are eager to escape their homes that they’ve been hibernating in all winter. 

It’s also the perfect time to do some spring cleaning, and to get rid of the extra clutter that’s been building up over the past year. 


Marie Kondo famously coined the idea that if it doesn’t spark joy, then get rid of it.

Some other good rules of thumb include: 


  • When’s the last time you used it?
  • Would you miss it?
  • If it went missing, would you even notice?


So, start sorting through your things to make room for fresh beginnings and a year filled with new adventures. 

Listed below are the 10 best tips in order to host a successful yard sale.

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