Sure we are privileged to have some great holiday light shows in Boise. The Scentsy Commons show is a favorite and the Winter aGlow at the old penitentiary is another really popular display but this year the Christmas In Color Drive Thru Light Show is debuting in Boise at Expo Idaho. What exactly is it? Here is the official description from the christmasincolor website.

"Drive through millions of lights perfectly synchronized to holiday music you’ll hear right through your radio. Drive by giant candy canes, snowmen, arched pathways and more. Take your time enjoying this lighting extravaganza - we won’t judge you if you join the kids with your face pressed against the window!" 

Imagine viewing more than 1 million LED lights from the comfort of your own vehicle. No need to bundle up, no need to worry about social distancing. This is the perfect anti COVID-19 light show. You don't have to worry about the kids running off and ending up around strangers that may have the RONA. While this is the first year that Boise has seen this light show it's not a new venture with kinks to workout so you can expect to be impressed. The show is displayed in 5 different states every year and takes 8 months of planning and preparation as well as an additional month to construct it.


In an interview with ktvb Christmas in Light's chief marketing officer, Zach Richardson, said,

"It's just hope, I think this has been a really rough time for everybody being cooped up it's been hard kind of navigating all of [it]. I mean it just piles on in 2020 and so it's really just having fun, there's a lot of hope and good out there and so we are hoping that can spread through everybody's lives," he said.

Tickets are sold per vehicle for $30.00 and the display is open Monday – Saturday from 5:30 to 10:00 p.m. closed Sundays, and will be open through January 2nd. A portion of each show's ticket sales benefit The Make-A-Wish Foundation. Tickets must be purchased online .

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