The United States of America is home to some of the greatest marketing minds in the world. It is said that perception is reality and Americans have created perceptions for everything from green lawns to cars and even drinking holidays. I know this may be a shocker but St. Patrick's Day is a made up drinking holiday and yes so is Cinco De Mayo.

"Mexico owed France, along with Spain and England, a lot of money. The three countries sent troops to Mexico to demand payment," according to ABC News. "Spain and England reached an agreement and left, but the French set out to attack Mexican forces in Puebla."

Yes even though Mexico was poorly equipped and had a much smaller army they won the battle. Unfortunately the French came back larger and stronger than before and conquered Mexico less a year later. The battle became symbolic and something to be proud of. In Mexico Cinco de Mayo is a national holiday but it is not a major one and it's definitely not Mexican Independence day. Mexican Independence day is honored on September 16th.

California started to celebrate Mexican- American culture in 1863 but in the 1980's the great American marketing minds turned the 5th of May into Cinco De Drinko, Cinco De Mayo and all of the other fun excuses that have led the 5th of May to be on par with Super Bowl when it comes to beer sales in America. ( according to wikipedia ). Cheers, Salud and Congrats to the marketing minds who gave us all a reason to drink Mexican beer and Tequila on a Wednesday this year.

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