The evolution of reality as we know it continues here in the Treasure Valley as we approach summer and learn how to cope with COVID-19 in the air-- literally.  In other words, we're living in strange times--as it seems I remind you of at the beginning of every post I put on this website. I'm sure the folks checking to make sure I'm doing my work enjoy that.

Summer as we know it certainly won't be the same here in Boise--especially for kids. Just announced this afternoon, the City of Boise won't be opening the pools this summer.

Obviously, this decision was driven by COVID-19 and was made to keep everyone safe this summer. Growing up, these pools were a staple to summer fun and as I got into high school, were a great source of income for summer jobs!

The City of Boise pools include: Borah Pool, Fairmont Pool, Ivywild Pool, Lowell Pool, Natatorium Pool, and South Pool.

Could this decision be a sign of what is to come for the rest of the area??


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