Lots of things make Boise a unique place to live and work--but perhaps the amount of focus that Boise puts on its own people, charities, and organizations is what makes us so neighborly and close knit.

Art is an important aspect to Boise culture--whether it's food, music, or public displays. If you've ever seen the electrical boxes around town that are pained on with various fun and colorful designs and wondered where they came from, the answer is: local artists.

Now, the City of Boise is looking for some great local artists to add to that "electrical box portfolio" if you will.

As it is stated by the Boise City Department of Arts and History:

Boise’s pioneering and transformative Traffic Box project challenges emerging artists and established professionals to “wrap” the nondescript utilitarian devices that control our streetlights. In partnership with Downtown Boise Association and Ada County Highway District, A&H commissions illustrations, paintings, digitally designed images, quilts, mosaics, photographs and even photos of sculptures to add a vibrant and unexpected twist to the street corners and intersections of the City of Boise.

We love that the City of Boise sees so much value in art--especially in art for Boise, made by Boise residents. It will certainly make a lasting impact on our community.

Interested in submitting and being a part of the competition? Here is your prompt, artists:

How can water renewal and responsible resource management help us achieve greater equity, affordability and access?

September 27th, 2023 is the last day to submit! Good luck!

Perhaps the greatest and most popular display of art in Boise is downtown's 'Freak Alley'--where hundreds if not thousands of pieces line the creative alleyway. Take a look, below! 

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