If you live in Nampa like most of my family does-- the city wants your feedback leading up to the State of the City address. Newly elected mayor, Debbie Kling has invited all residents of Nampa to take this survey online. I've never really heard of such an initiative and I think it's a pretty cool way for Nampa residents to have a voice not only leading up to her State of the City speech, but just in general. It also has to be a pretty healthy way to check the "vitals" so to speak.

The survey, titled "Your Voice Matters" consists of over 30 questions that allow residents to voice their satisfaction with various aspects of Nampa.

The State of the City address takes place on April 17th at Columbia High School. For more on that or to purchase a ticket to the reception, click HERE.

Live in Nampa and want to take the survey for yourself? Take it HERE.

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