Boise is officially BACK! It's not that we left but the recession wasn't easy. I remember reading taglines during commercials from trade schools targeting the unemployed picking up new skills. Rough time.

While some people still struggle the majority of the population is roaring back with one of the lowest unemployment rates ever at 2.9%

Why is all that important? People have money, period! That also means there are jobs and the new business boom is LIT 🔥Boise is the only one thriving in the Treasure Valley. You see a boom everywhere and Nampa is exploding. All that said, the Capitol City gets all the attention and that's why we make another set of headlines.

Wonder why everyone from California is moving to Idaho? That media outlets like CNN who just produced another piece and this one is entitled, The Best Things to do in Boise.

UNLV v Boise State
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There was a time when you would hear, "Hey! ya'll have that blue turf right?" That's over now. The Boise State Broncos are still doing their thing but Boise is paving out its own legacy. We're known for our potatoes but that's not even the draw.

CNN calls Boise, "American's most interesting small cities."

I was speaking to a friend of mine from and she's a transplant. Diana, founder of Boise Bucket List even titles her blog, "Exploring the City of Trees Through the Eyes of a Transplant." Diana is a law graduate from the East Coast and moved to Idaho for the exact things that CNN wrote their piece on. These are the same attractive features that have kept me in Boise for the last 10 years.

Photo by: Todd Meier
Photo by: Todd Meier - Kekeluv and Paige married in Oakley, Idaho

Idahoan, Tammy Stowe McClure was nicknamed the "Wine Warrior" for her appearance on American Ninja Warrior. Tammy's' family founded a winery outside Boise years ago and that's where her name comes from. You will continue to hear stories like this if you live here long enough. Boise is just big enough to get frustrated in traffic but small enough to know who you might be driving next to.

There is a reason that my friends write blogs about why NOT to move here. The problem looks like our secret is out. I met my wife here and are about to raise our second child. There is no other better place or community to live #idahome

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